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Thank You so much for visiting my website, 
I’m Aneta Sochan, The Healthy Body Expert.


I know what it’s like to be a professionally active woman living a busy life, carrying many responsibilities on the shoulders and being overwhelmed with daily challenges.
I also know what it’s like to achieve work-life balance, take wonderful care of my health, and feel vital energy at any age.

 If you feel stressed with your busy schedule, tense after whole day and overwhelmed in life, I can help.

 If you want to wake up in the morning relieved of pain and rested so that you can keep up with daily routines and stay focused throughout the day, I can help.

 I’m all about body and mind wellbeing and healthy living, I use healing power of breath, movement and meditation to shift your level of energy and bring peace to your mind. 

I’m here to help you to release all tensions, and welcome relaxed body and mind.
I’m here to help you to bring back a balance and the rhythm of your life.
I’m passionate about Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage and its miraculous ability to touch and transform lives.

I offer unique blend of Thai Yoga Massage therapy with Mental Training, and Personalised Yoga with lifestyle advice.

Just imagine…

Going through each day relieved of pain and full of HEALTH and vital ENERGY.

Visibly REJUVENATED, looking in the mirror and seeing an ATRACTIVE WOMAN with radiant SMILE on her face!

Just Imagine being a FEMININE GODDESS of your life: treating your body as a sacred temple and carrying yourself around with PRIDE and CONFIDENCE!

Right now, I’m sure you’re struggling to feel comfortable in your body, to calm your mind and stay productive throughout the day. You might feel tension and aches all over your body. You may even suffer from sleepless nights, painful migraines or facing in a mirror thinking “Am I good enough? I just can’t deal with this on my own anymore…” 

If you experience constant muscle pains, self-sabotage with your attempts to improve your situation or feel all alone on your way to success… 

I understand. I’ve been there…

I've been suffering from chronic stress, insomnia and aches all over my body for YEARS.

Sleepless nights, immune disorder, chest pain, irrational fears, negative thoughts - they all have been my everyday battle. 
Until… Until I did realize the effect and enormous damage they had on my body and every aspect of my life.  

I couldn’t work. I couldn’t travel. I couldn’t be myself. 

Not even go to do shopping! What a nightmare…  

I just couldn’t live it ANY-LONGER. I committed to change, to health, to a new me...

I invested in myself to heal my life. 

And sometimes you have to quit so you can start...

I have always identified myself as a very strong and determined woman. 

I have faced a lot in my life: being a single mum, living abroad, overcoming struggles and loneliness at every step of my journey…

One day I said “ENOUGH”. I took ONE DECISION. To use my inner strength and be bigger than my fears! 

I allowed myself to BREAK FREE : from pain, from my past, from my mistakes. 

I was only one on my path to self –healing. 

Soon later, I’ve finally quit my stressful corporate job and I started to live my BEST life ever since. 

I have seriously invested in my own change like my hair was on fire. I kept constantly learning from the best international mentors and teachers, taking all around the world training programmes, courses, workshops, still expanding my expertise. 

Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Breath, Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness are my healers! 

Now I’m here to tell you that you can do it too, just as I did! 


So if you are looking to feel happy in your own body, the change you need to make starts within you, and I can help you as I have done it myself.

I’d love to support you - a WOMAN who is ready to take responsibility for her own health, and desires to feel balanced mentally and powerful in her life, a WOMAN who is aware that the time for a change is ALWAYS NOW. 

My passion is to help you let go of any tensions and emotional stress, and experience the limitless potential of your own body, so you can taste a life free of aches and pains, and start to love yourself again! ;)

Over the last 20 years of my experience I have empowered and helped hundreds of women.  

I take confidence and pride in my holistic therapy programmes. I believe they can help you too. I want this for you. I was stuck in my life too, I was spinning around in the circle, which become even more frustrating and demotivating. 

You can feel recharged, visibly rejuvenated, and enjoy a tense-free body!

Take the first step towards your fulfilling life now and let’s discuss if my programmes are the best fit for you. I offer private 1:1 sessions, online programmes and holistic retreats. 

Book now a “MeTime “ consultation and contact me via contact@anetasochan.com 

I look forward to meeting you.


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