Aneta Sochan
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  • Dear Aneta! Thank you for the most amazing Thai Massage ever! I fell more alive, aware, happy and light. It was the most loving treatment I ever had. I still feel that energy and sun shining in my body. I can't wait for more! Big Love to you! ♡♡♡

  • My first Thai Yoga massage. Such a beautiful experience.... very powerful and very personal massage that Aneta can perfectly adjust to your own needs. Her open heart, beautiful soul, soft voice and lively blue eyes will make you feel safe, comfortable and will give you strength to transform into best version of yourself. I have experienced VIP session that from the very beginning to the very end was settled in "now and here". Isn't it what we need these days....? Every single cell in my body was fulfilled with love. No time limit. My body met some challenges but she took care of it and released the tension... Aneta is very inspirational and caring person, week after my session I am receiving wonderful voice messages, emails or videos and that means a lot to me. Everyone who got to meet Aneta on their path there is reason for that. I know, there was for me. Aneta has beautiful talent she wants to share and We just need to thank universe we have opportunity to receive this gift. Trust and magic will happen. I feel like powerful woman who wants to shine her light. Thank you Aneta all the best x

  • I have had massage with Aneta a number of times now. I have tried many therapists and styles of massage over 10 years in Brighton. Aneta by far exceeds everyone.. Now that I am pregnant she is the only one I trust to give me and my expanding body, a deep, thorough yet gentle and sensitive massage, at this time when my body needs the most therapeutic and healing of touches. She is truly excellent and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Enjoy...

  • The Thai Yoga massage was out of this world! Aneta is incredible at what she does. I felt at peace, relaxed and looked after. I was ready to ask for another one once the session ended. It was just what I needed after a long and hard week.

  • This was a new experience for me as I don't normally have any kind of massage so I wasn't sure what to expect. Aneta explained things clearly, was gentle, reassuring and a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I loved the experience, have been twice now and am looking forward to my next session.

  • I have not tried Thai Yoga Massage before but I'm so glad I gave it a try! It is unlike any massage I have had before; the Thai Yoga Foot Massage was deeply relaxing and Aneta is a lovely therapist with great energy. I look forward to trying the full body massage! xx

  • I feel so calm, so peaceful, so balanced and so strong like never before. Thank you. You are the best !! If everyone could feel like me right now , the world would be awesome!

  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is the best experience I have ever had in terms of relaxation of body and mind. It has helped me with issues like anxiety, stress and sleep disorder. I feel motivated to enjoy life more and take it easy as this kind of massage gives you a kick of energy for many days. Absolutely love it!

  • Amazing experience and I would recommend to everyone! I was very impressed and never experienced anything like that!

  • Such a great experience thank you Aneta! I feel amazing already only after one session xx

  • As musicians we are renown for terrible posture, drinking lots of beer, service station meals etc the list goes on. I've been practicing yoga by myself at home for 1 year and today was week 3 of practicing with my new teacher Aneta. I honestly can't recommend her classes enough! She's also specialises in Thai massage. I already feel as if my spine is 10 years younger and my drumming career will be 10 years longer.

  • Best yoga class I ever had! It will motivate you, push your limits, invigorate, stretch and all with a smile and gentle guidance of a very energetic instructor. Must do on your bucket list!!!

  • " Aneta is an accomplished and well-qualified masseuse. This approach offers a unique blend of pressure points and gentle Yoga manipulation that when combined offers not only therapeutic but curative benefits. After only 2 sessions, the lower back pain, which I suffered from for years, just disappeared and hasn't returned. Previously I had used Swedish and Schiatzu massage. Although these techniques were beneficial, the primary back problem always came back. This was not the case after 2 sessions with Aneta. I returned to Aneta for 3 more sessions, not because I had back pain, but because I felt that my entire body and posture benefited. I would highly recommend Aneta's Thai Yoga Massage therapy to anyone."

  • Aneta has a very caring and professional approach towards her clients, highly recommendable.

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