Aneta Sochan

Tune in to THE INNER BODY with relaxing flow of THAI YOGA MASSAGE.
Discover the power of YOGA, BREATH AND MOVEMENT.
Reach out for THE BEST WITHIN YOU!

Imagine feeling revived and rejuvenated, immediately relieved from aches and pains, starting each day focused and balanced mentally!

Imagine creating a well toned body full of energy, sculpture beautifully your body shape with ease and grace and let go of any tensions and emotional stress!

Imagine to feel and look like a goddess! 


Right now You may be Out of Balance, Tense in Your Body & Stuck in Your Life, Lack of Confidence & Low Self -Esteem, Running Down with Stress & Pressure, or simply Feeling a Void Within and Unable to Fulfill ?




What if I could help you to achieve your desired outcome ?


You're going to LOOOOVE:

• My PERSONALISED PROGRAM designed especially FOR YOU, and tailored to your own NEEDS 
• Having a health PROFESSIONAL who holds you accountable and watches your progress so that you finally stop spinning your wheels and start getting RESULTS
• Living MOTIVATED each week to feel your best and look your best, learning HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and how to maintain
• Receiving my SUPPORT and psychological EXPERTISE , health CONSULTATIONS and DIET ANALYSIS during every step of your journey

I walk my talk … I really do take care of my body and nutrition, also taking time daily to practise, meditate and relax. I appreciate each day and take care of my health, my body, my life.

What about you ?

I work with people they are committed to take care about their health , and ready to CHERISH THEIR BODY AND LIFE. 

That’s why I created an individual holistic packages to help high achieving women fall in love with themselves again . 

Each package is designed to infuse new vitality into your life. 

I am inviting active women living busy life to experience my new Intensive Day Programme “ RELIEVE, REVIVE, RECHARGE” ” in a private luxury hotel, superbly located in the heart of London, or at Brighton Spa hotel with spectacular views across the Brighton’s iconic seafront.

I offer you an urban sanctuary in which you can immediately relieve from pain, relax, let go all tensions, and fully rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Let yourself receive with this intensive programme tailored to your needs. Enjoy an amazing treatments in a stunning spa, and fall in Love with yourself again! Nourish your Body&Mind, and start the New Day like a New You!

Q: Why choose this package? 

A: This intensive treatment allows you to clear and calm the mind, and improves emotional balance. This package solves problems with stress related conditions and feeling overwhelmed in life. Especially helps you with painful migraines, insomnia, tension and aching all over the body, as well as detoxification of the body and boosting energy levels, keeping you relaxed, focused and visibly rejuvenated. 

Q: Who is this package for? 

A: This package is especially recommended for professionally active women who desire to awake self - confidence and looking for immediate relief from pain and all tensions. This package is for you, if you want detoxify your body, recharge, relax, start feeling energised again, and to bring back a balance and the rhythm of your body and life.

This package is NOT for You:
If you are NOT ready for more health, relax and a powerful transformation.

For a more in depth transformation I’ve designed my 90 Days Programme “Holistic Shape-UP”, just great for professionally active women who desire to bring out an healthy woman from the inside out! 

You are looking to detoxify your body, visibly reshape and lose excessive weight. This programme perfects your posture, allows you to calm your mind and reduces stress levels in your life, increases your mental focus and boost energy levels, increases your self-esteem and confidence, keeping you young and visibly rejuvenated. This is a perfect combination of physical activity and mental stimulation, and the advantage of this program is, that it is a personalized therapy to help you achieve your desired outcome, and it is tailored to your own needs. 
Do you want to look in the mirror and see a HEALTHY and ATTRACTIVE woman smiling back? 

Q: Why choose this package? 

A: This package helps keeping you young, and retards the aging process, reduces stress level, and helps build vital communications skills needed in every profession. This programme encourages self-care, and helps you learn about your body, and weight management, helps you establish your self-discipline and improving the connection of your bodies to your mind.

Q: Who is this package for? 

A:These unique combination is designed especially for a busy woman willing to lose weight, and looking for a complete transformation. This package is for you, if you are tired of trying other ways to keep you in shape, which didn’t work till now!
This intensive makeover program is designed for you to ‘feel like a woman again’ , and will take you to the journey through yourself. With a regular practice I can get you moving and burns calories, and the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your practice may encourage you to address any eating and weight problems on a deeper level. The result is a powerful fusion of amazing sensations and body healing results. 

This package is NOT for You:
If you are NOT ready to work hard and keep discipline to achieve your dream !

For those looking to Escape the World, Dive in Luxury and Indulge in hot sands to Discover the Wondrous World within Yourself, I offer 7 nights Sanctuary Escape "Awakening Self-Confidence". 

Join me for a week of Serenity and Transformation, where you will Rise and Shine! I will take you through the journey of Yoga, Dance, and Experimental Movement exploration with a variety of movement pathways connected to the elements and the chakras. Take the opportunity to Activate your confidence, Revive self - expression , and Grow your self - belief! 

Q: Why choose this escape? 

A: This escape is a time for you for Self - Discovery. It will leave you feeling deeply renewed, body relaxed, mind balanced, completely inspired, fulfilled with beauty, joy and happiness. You will bring out the best of you and radiate the vital energy all ways! 

Q: Who is this escape for? 

A: In this busy lifestyle it's difficult to get even a minute of 'MeTime' , so I offer you bespoke escape to be therapeutic for your body and mind. I share with you a space of relaxation and complete rejuvenation. I invite you to a place where daily mantra is " Dance through life with a grace and beauty." You are able to pre-select your own treatments, enjoying the spa and wellbeing services, taking time to indulge in sauna, top up your programme with additional pilates classes, and personal trainings by the ocean, and for those who seek complete detox and to fully recharge I offer Thai Yoga Massage sessions, and healthier way of living consultaions.

This escape is NOT for You:
If you are NOT looking for a lifetime of health and happiness!

Take a moment to think about your health and wellbeing.

Your program will be personalized to fit your needs. I explore your goals for treatment and holistic therapy so that I create a bespoke plan for your sessions. I offer a unique blend of Thai Yoga Massage therapy with Personalised Yoga, Health Consultations and Lifestyle Advice. 

Why my offer is so unique? 

Because besides of helping hundreds of women, firstly I have done it myself!  
I went through all that process of transformation, and I know how it’s like step by step. 
So now I want to help you!  

I want to share with you this truly wonderful experience bringing the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, and providing an opportunity for self-healing. 

I want to help you increase your self-confidence and self-expression, so you can carrying yourself around with pride and treating your body as a sacred temple!

Q: Why work with Aneta? 

A: Beacause I invest in my own expertise, training and development , constantly learning from the best international mentors and teachers.

For the past 20 years, I have completed a lot of training within the fields of; Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga for Kids and Families, Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Techniques, Thai Massage for Pregnancy, Fitness Instructor, Personal Training, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Managing Stress and Anxiety, Therapeutic Methods in Teaching, Understanding and Supporting ASD/ADHD, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

I have been studying with the leading teachers around the world, and I am deeply grateful for all the experience they have shared with me, and for enriching my life with their teachings: Shiva Rea, Kira Balaskas, Delamay Devi, Manju Pattabhi Jois, Marek Gabor, Andrea Baglioni, and Balazs Nemeth. 

I continue to evolve my style and technique through my study, daily practice, and professional development within the fields of; Yoga, Advanced Thai Massage Techniques, Health and Wellness, Insights and Emotional Intelligence, Mindful Eating, Meditation, Movement Medicine, Nutrition.

But the most important is that I went through this transformational process myself, and I know each step of the journey, so I am going to support you on the way, and help to liven you up ! 

Get Your Dreams a Reality! 

Drop me an email to book your free consultation at contact@anetasochan.com

I am so looking forward to speak to you!  Let's connect!   


Wondering if it might be a good fit? Before we chat, have a look what my clients say ☺
  • Dear Aneta! Thank you for the most amazing Thai Massage ever! I fell more alive, aware, happy and light. It was the most loving treatment I ever had. I still feel that energy and sun shining in my body. I can't wait for more! Big Love to you! ♡♡♡

  • My first Thai Yoga massage. Such a beautiful experience.... very powerful and very personal massage that Aneta can perfectly adjust to your own needs. Her open heart, beautiful soul, soft voice and lively blue eyes will make you feel safe, comfortable and will give you strength to transform into best version of yourself. I have experienced VIP session that from the very beginning to the very end was settled in "now and here". Isn't it what we need these days....? Every single cell in my body was fulfilled with love. No time limit. My body met some challenges but she took care of it and released the tension... Aneta is very inspirational and caring person, week after my session I am receiving wonderful voice messages, emails or videos and that means a lot to me. Everyone who got to meet Aneta on their path there is reason for that. I know, there was for me. Aneta has beautiful talent she wants to share and We just need to thank universe we have opportunity to receive this gift. Trust and magic will happen. I feel like powerful woman who wants to shine her light. Thank you Aneta all the best x

  • I have had massage with Aneta a number of times now. I have tried many therapists and styles of massage over 10 years in Brighton. Aneta by far exceeds everyone.. Now that I am pregnant she is the only one I trust to give me and my expanding body, a deep, thorough yet gentle and sensitive massage, at this time when my body needs the most therapeutic and healing of touches. She is truly excellent and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. Enjoy...

  • The Thai Yoga massage was out of this world! Aneta is incredible at what she does. I felt at peace, relaxed and looked after. I was ready to ask for another one once the session ended. It was just what I needed after a long and hard week.

  • This was a new experience for me as I don't normally have any kind of massage so I wasn't sure what to expect. Aneta explained things clearly, was gentle, reassuring and a very skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I loved the experience, have been twice now and am looking forward to my next session.

  • I have not tried Thai Yoga Massage before but I'm so glad I gave it a try! It is unlike any massage I have had before; the Thai Yoga Foot Massage was deeply relaxing and Aneta is a lovely therapist with great energy. I look forward to trying the full body massage! xx

  • I feel so calm, so peaceful, so balanced and so strong like never before. Thank you. You are the best !! If everyone could feel like me right now , the world would be awesome!

  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is the best experience I have ever had in terms of relaxation of body and mind. It has helped me with issues like anxiety, stress and sleep disorder. I feel motivated to enjoy life more and take it easy as this kind of massage gives you a kick of energy for many days. Absolutely love it!

  • Amazing experience and I would recommend to everyone! I was very impressed and never experienced anything like that!

  • Such a great experience thank you Aneta! I feel amazing already only after one session xx

  • As musicians we are renown for terrible posture, drinking lots of beer, service station meals etc the list goes on. I've been practicing yoga by myself at home for 1 year and today was week 3 of practicing with my new teacher Aneta. I honestly can't recommend her classes enough! She's also specialises in Thai massage. I already feel as if my spine is 10 years younger and my drumming career will be 10 years longer.

  • Best yoga class I ever had! It will motivate you, push your limits, invigorate, stretch and all with a smile and gentle guidance of a very energetic instructor. Must do on your bucket list!!!

  • " Aneta is an accomplished and well-qualified masseuse. This approach offers a unique blend of pressure points and gentle Yoga manipulation that when combined offers not only therapeutic but curative benefits. After only 2 sessions, the lower back pain, which I suffered from for years, just disappeared and hasn't returned. Previously I had used Swedish and Schiatzu massage. Although these techniques were beneficial, the primary back problem always came back. This was not the case after 2 sessions with Aneta. I returned to Aneta for 3 more sessions, not because I had back pain, but because I felt that my entire body and posture benefited. I would highly recommend Aneta's Thai Yoga Massage therapy to anyone."

  • Aneta has a very caring and professional approach towards her clients, highly recommendable.


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